When I started photographing golden eagles some years ago, it wasn't easy to distinguish one bird from the other. Some of them have been ringed, e.g. two eagles coming all the way from Finland . The eagle I got to know the best, with regard to appearance and behaviour, is an older eagle that has been around since the beginning. Its most distinguishing feature is a dark spot in its left eye. At the beginning, I took pictures at a distance of about 40 feet and was able to detect the spot.

Since the eagle is shy and sharp-eyed, I was filled with excitement when I began to take close-up pictures. It felt unreal to be able to see a golden eagle so close through the telephoto lens. I have gradually focused on various parts of the eagle, sometimes its head, and sometimes its talons or wings.
When autumn comes and I begin to spend time in my hiding place, it is always exciting to see if "the old eagle" will show up.

During a summer I rebuilt my hiding places. The golden eagle is usually a very quiet bird, but one day I heard its familiar cry. High above me, an eagle was hovering, looking a lot like my "old fellow". I'm sure the eagle had seen me put out meat at dawn since he usually stays in the area, even when the carrion is empty, and therefore connects me with food. Maybe this was his way of pointing out that he recognized me.
Now he is gone.

A golden eagle from Finland has dominated the district for some years.
In december 2007 it got hit by a train
and killed while eating from a cadaver.


A twelwe years old golden eagle I have followed with great interest for some years now
has been noticed by experts in eagles in Sweden.
This eagle follows no normal standards when it comes to the feather mail.
It still has plenty of white marks in its plummage.

Here we can see a mating picture with him, from January 2012