My first hideout wasn't as well planned as my later hideouts, but fullfilled it's task very well under the six years. One cold winterday, that could have ended in disaster, the hideout went up in smoke as my temporary "heater" caught on fire. Everything went very fast but I managed to save myself and some photo equipment before the hidout disappeared in the flames. And there I stood with a burnt cap, burnt eyebrows and photographed the misery...

I have since that tried both mobile and permanent hideouts made in different kinds of materials, more or less functional, before my first 8 meters tall tree-construction. What a progress! From here I could get a new point of view on the eagles even though I sometimes had to share room with both curious great tits and indignant wasps that built nest in my nook.

My latest photohideout is a tall and  genuine construction, spacious and with big photoholes under the plateroof. There is space for both rest and work, photographing, writing and philosophising in front of a distance of 10 kilometres wide view with White mountains blue wave lines in the background. Here I have planned to start working in a new way wich I think will give new dimensions to my pictures.

Photo hide: Wooden photo hide with toilet and heater housing 1 – 4 persons




Photograph Golden eagle in daytime, spend the night in the hide to photograph
for example northern lights, starry sky or moonlight.


No stativ is needed, you can mount the tripod head directly in the hide.

                                                        Good space for the