Here is some information about our photo hides, lodging and more:
*About photo hides:
The Golden eagle season lasts from October to late March.
The photography take place close to the White Mountains nature reserve with mire, old forest and mountains in the background.
The main photo hide, with heater and toilet, is for max 4 photographers. It has 8 photo holes in two directions for eagles in the landscape and close-ups; in this area it is also possible to see for example White tailed sea eagle, Ravens, sometimes Goshawk, Woodpeckers, Eurasian jay, smaller birds like Bullfinch and tits, Red fox etc.
We also have a new photo hide in the same area for 4 photographers with 8 photo holes for eagles in one direction, 4 in normal hight and 4 low for lying on the floor (useful with an anglefinder) and 4 for smaller birds in an other direction, also heater and toilet. This hide is also for eagles in the landscape, smaller birds and foxes etc against a background of mountains and forest. Our photo hides are not equipped with mirror glass, the eagles tolerate the lenses sticking out and cautious movements by the principle "move slowly as the minute-hand at your watch".
As we photograph wild birds and animals the chances are good, but there are no guarantees. This is a sparsely populated part of Sweden and the wild animals are not very used to people, so caution is needed to see them.  According to statistics you have good chances to have pictures of Golden eagle after three days in the hide.
For the spring (April) we have a floating hide for Common cranes (fishing) and Whooper Swans, and of course hide and tents for the Black grouse play that takes place in April, mainly during the later part. The Capercaillie play goes on during the last days of April and first days in May depending of the spring, but it is a very difficult bird and the play is affected by weather conditions such as rain and wind.
It is possible to make a combination with Black grouse play in the morning and the eagle hide in the afternoon, but if the eagles is your main interest it is for the best to visit October - March because this is the real eagle season.
To be sure of snow: middle of December – end of March.
*About lenses and other equipment:
For the eagle hides: as we shoot in two different directions, one close-up for smaller birds and also chance for Golden eagle close-ups I recommend lens 200 mm – 400 mm. For flight shots etc, eagle in landscape: 300 mm – 600 mm.
At the Black grouse play and Capercaillie play: 300 mm – 600 mm.
Floating hide: 300 mm – 600 mm.
For starry skies and northern lights: tripod and wild angle lens 15 – 24 mm.
Other equipment: normally warm clothers and shoes and a head torch.
The temperature in the eagle photo hides is normally between +5 - +15 degrees Celsius depending of outdoor temperature. Ordinary warm winter clothes and warm shoes is recommended. A head torch is useful to bring. The floating hide and the hide at the Black grouse play has no heater and it can be rather cold at night in early spring, between -15 - +5, but we have warm sleeping bags.
We go out to the Golden eagle photo grounds by car and the last stretch is a quite easy walk of around 350 meters on a hard track.

Lodging: Modern villa made for overnight stay with access to toilet and shower.
Price: 2880 Skr/person and day. Includes place in a photo hide and all meals: breakfast, packed lunch consisting of sandwiches with coffee/tea and dinner.
If single room is required there is an extra fee of 500 Skr/person and night.
Please don´t hesitate to ask more questions