Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is the setup of the eagle hide?

It is a timber hide, quite spacious with a stove and toilet. It is built to take on four photographers at one time, the photographers get two photo holes each in different directions. All photo holes have a mount for tripod heads but there are also bean bags if needed. Transport out to the hide is with car and then by foot for a short walk, about 400m. The hide is visited at dusk and you stay there till darkness falls again. 

2.       How much does it cost and what is included?
 Alternativ 1:
Lodging: Modern Villa made for overnight stay with full access to toilet and shower.
Prepare your own meals in a fully equipped kitchen. There is a small grocery shop in the village.
Price: 1950 Skr per person and night.

Alternativ 2:
Food: Breakfast, packed lunch consisting of sandwiches with coffee/tea and dinner.
Lodging: Modern Villa made for overnight stay with full access to toilet and shower.
2450 Skr  per person and night.

Extra night before and after your photo days: 350 Skr/person and night; including dinner 450 Skr/person.
Breakfast last morning is included. 

3.       How do I get there?

Skellefteå is the closest airport to the photography hides and the closest railway station is Bastuträsk. If you wish transport it can be arranged to pick you up at either the airport or station.

     4.     What should I bring with me?
Including your own camera equipment, please bring: good sturdy boots and warm clothes (there is a heater in the eagle hide that can be around 10 C inside) and light torches. In Spring it is ideal to bring rubber boots/ wellingtons.  

5.       What other species are around the eagle hide?

 You can see ravens and other species, for example the Eurasian jay; woodpeckers, great spotted woodpeckers, grey headed woodpeckers, and sometimes you can see the black woodpecker, small passerine birds, for example bull finches, great tits, willow tits, etc. Mammal-wise you may get to see squirrels, foxes, moose and, occasionally reindeer and rarely, wolverine. 

6.       What are the chances of photographing golden eagles?
We are photographing wild animals so unfortunately there are no quarantees but if you are willing to stay for 3 days in the eagle hide then you have a good chance of photographing eagles. 

7.       When is the best time to visit to see the Northern Lights?
The Auroral activity is cyclic and peaks every eleven years. Good conditions involve dry weather, cloudless skies, no full moon, with the best time of year being from September to April, peaking during the winter months. It can flare up from time to time, and at any time during the dark night hours. 

7.       When does the snow fall? It varies from year to year. Sometimes the snow arrives in late October or early November and sometimes may not fall till the middle of December. In the Spring the snow may last till late April 

8. Some hides you can combinate with the eagle hide?

Yes, there is both a Siberian jay hide and a crested tit hide, of course there is the chance of photographing other species around these hides too. 

       During Spring (March – April) you can rent out a floating hide in a nice environment with running water. Here there is the possibility of photographing fishing cranes, whooper swans and other wading birds. In order to get good photographs and light it is recommended that you stay in the hide for 24 hours. For pricing and stay please look at questions 5 – 7. 

      Black grouse lekking is a popular photographing opportunity from mid April to the first week in May. To get good photographs from a reliable bird species at this time of year please contact me in advance to book a place. For pricing and stay please look at questions 5 – 7.


Osprey: During the month of August we photograph from the floating hide when the young are beginning to fly. 

Is there the possibility of photographing owls?

The possibility varies from year to year. Feel free to email your question for current information.

Golden Eagle Photography

1.       What is the best time of year for photographing golden eagles?


The golden eagle season starts at the beginning of October when the mire is a hue of golden colours; a great opportunity to get closeup, water reflection and eagles in the landscape shots. From November to December daylight hours grow shorter (around 7 - 9 hours in the hide) but with these shortened days comes great winter light. The months of January and February bring with them white winter landscapes (around 9 - 11 hours in the hide) and in February you are treated to the opportunity of photographing mating eagles. The season continues further onwards till the beginning of April with longer days in the hide (around 12 - 13 hours). Depending on the weather during Spring there is a possibility to get eagle photographs during the entire month along with black grouse.