Experience nature in Vitbergen in the north of Sweden!
Take a walking tour of the mountains, where when you have reached the watchtower on the mountainpeak, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the forests, remote mountains and
glittering lakes.
Species of birds nesting in the area are for example Golden Eagle, Siberian Jay, Capercaillie,
Black Grouse, Hazelhen, Crane, Black-throated Diver, Whooper Swan, Owls and Woodpeckers.
Mammals in the neighbourhood: Moose, Roe Deer, Reindeer, Bear, Lynx, Beaver and
Red Fox among others.
A trip to a cave can also be arranged.

Guided tour with photo breaks.

Alternative 1
Look for Moose, Bear, Beaver.
Time in photo hide for photographing Whooper Swan, Crane and Black-throated Diver.

Alternative 2
Look for Moose, Bear, Beaver.
Visit to the watchtower at Vitbergens mountainpeak, possibility to photograph sunrise and sunset and possible northern lights.
Time in photo hide for photographing Siberian Jay or Three-toed Woodpecker depending on season.

Alternative 3
Look for Moose, Bear, Beaver.
Visit to a cave. Walking tour out in the country with breaks to photograph moose and lichens,
spring and old forest.

Hideouts: movable, waterproof one man tents.

Transport: Transport from and to Skellefteå airport or Bastuträsk railway station can be arranged.