New for the season: Book your individual photo experience with a personal photo guide. We set up the photographing according to your own wishes and alternate between different Golden eagle hideouts with different possibilities and backgrounds, close-ups and landscape images, low or higher photo holes etc. In addition to the Golden eagle, there are for example Grey-headed woodpeckers and other woodpeckers, Goshawks, small birds like Bullfinch and tits, Red fox etc.  in the area. Test wide angles and camera traps (equipment for the camera traps is available to borrow) and photograph starry skies. There is also a chance of the northern lights.
Number of participants: 1 person  Price: 5990  Skr / day.
Please contact me with your specific requests and we will plan your stay.

Brown bear May Västerbotten Sweden 

The winter has been snowy and cold, which has made it difficult for the Roe deers to survive. One of those who died, I placed at the photo hideout and it became food for e.g. Golden eagle, Goshawk, Black Woodpecker, Grey-headed woodpecker and small birds like tits. During the winter, carcasses are very important to wildlife and birds, from the largest to the smallest. A carcass can mean the difference between life and death for many individuals. It is the law of nature: a case of one animals loss being another´s gain.