This year's Golden eagle season has been very good with many photo opportunities and good photos. Welcome with your reservation soon for a place next season starting in October 2023.

The autumn and winter has so far offered many good photo days with both Golden eagle, smaller birds and woodpeckers such as Grey-headed woodpecker.

We have had plenty of snow and quite frosty and chilly weather. The northern lights have appeared several times, sometimes you have almost been able to see a bird here too, in the sweeping light of the night sky. Some pictures from November-December 2021

The Golden eagle season started in the beginning of October. It has been succesful so far with several eagles around the photo hide.

The forecast for the Northern Lights has been good so far this autumn. This is a picture from October this year.

A few days before the eagle youngster will leave the nest it is still fed by the parents. This summer has yielded two successful Golden eagle breeding in the area, which is gratifying. The young birds have now left their nests and they seem strong and health. We hope to see them around the eagle hide this autumn.

Brown bear: Västerbotten Sweden May 2021.

The winter has been snowy and cold, which has made it difficult for the Roe deers to survive. One of those who died, I placed at the photo hideout and it became food for e.g. Golden eagle, Goshawk, Black Woodpecker, Grey-headed woodpecker and small birds like tits. During the winter, carcasses are very important to wildlife and birds, from the largest to the smallest. A carcass can mean the difference between life and death for many individuals. It is the law of nature: a case of one animals loss being another´s gain.

New for the season: Book your individual photo experience with a personal photo guide. We set up the photographing according to your own wishes and alternate between different Golden eagle hideouts with different possibilities and backgrounds, close-ups and landscape images, low or higher photo holes etc. In addition to the Golden eagle, there are for example Grey-headed woodpeckers and other woodpeckers, Goshawks, small birds like Bullfinch and tits, Red fox etc.  in the area. Test wide angles and camera traps (equipment for the camera traps is available to borrow) and photograph starry skies. There is also a chance of the northern lights.
Please contact me with your specific requests and we will plan your stay.

This Spring I found two active golden eagle nests in the area, and I recently joined a professional bird ringer in ringing the chicks. The aerial female has found a new male and they are successfully rearing a chick. I have followed the female for seven years and she was comfortable flying close to me as I checked the area around the nest.

Golden eagle - Red fox interactions have occurred on several occasions in recent days outside our photo hide. Here begins an attack; the Ravens follows the drama from the viewer´s place. When the eagle left, the fox also got to eat.

After the longest night of the year 19-12-22 there is only a few hours of daylight to eat and prepare for the next midwinter night. During the last days 19-12-22 we have had several Golden eagles visiting the mire and our photo hide.

The presence now in begining of has been good, with eagles even fox and various other birds have been around the hide so there has been life and movement with interaction between the species. Also interaction with Golden eagle and Fox.

The autumn season has started , so far with both Golden eagles and other birds and also Nothern lights in the evening.

The season for golden eagle, fox, etc. has been completed for some time. The presence of eagles has been good, even fox and various other birds have been around the hide so there has been life and movement with interaction between the species. Welcome to the new seaon: start October 2021

February Pictures
The season has so far been successful with the occurrence of, among other species, golden eagle and red fox and on several occasions interaction between them.
Now the Golden eagle's mating season is approaching and the area eagle couple is looking for each other's company.

An amazing winter season is soon to be completed. Good opportunities have been offered to photograph Golden eagles, various small birds and Red fox etc. in snowy and frosty landscape.
Now the spring season has started with Black grouse play which will goes on until the beginning of May. Over 30 Black grouse has so far arrived to the playground. The Whooper swans has begun to arrive and soon the Common cranes are also here to prepare this year's breeding.

The autumn season has started, so far with both Golden eagles and other birds and also Nothern lights in the evening.

The result of the mating pictures I took some months ago: the young male left the nest a couple of hours ago and this is the young females last minutes in the childhood home. I have spent a lot of time the last month on a steep mountain side photographing this two growing siblings, in cooperation with experts on wild Golden eagles. 

The result of the mating pictures I took some months ago: the young male have just left the nest and landed on the ground. I have spent a lot of time the last month on a steep mountain side photographing this two growing siblings, in cooperation with experts on wild Golden eagles. 

We look forward to the Osprey photo season. The Osprey is looking out over the lake with the moon in the background. Here you also can see the floating hide from where we photograph the Osprey.

10 June at 00:03:52: we met several moose last night, among them this cow with a calf born just a few days ago.
It´s a good time for moose safari right now with the bright nights and daylight around the clock.

The Golden eagle mating season is going on right now. This picture is from the beginning of March. 

Now the snow have started to fall , this picture from beginning of November 

The Golden eagle season has start October 2021

From the reflection pond 

Northern light in Västerbotten, north of Sweden.
The Golden eagle photo season is coming up. Why not make a combination of both?

Still good with  the Black grouse lek in begining of May.

The Black grouse lek is  closing in to the top.
Some pictures from the last days.

Golden eagles and foxes even at the same time.

The autumn has been quit good.  Right now there are both Golden eagles and White tailed sea eagle around the hide.

Just found this fellow some hours ago. (Ural owl)

This night I could shoot both the Milky way and Northern light from the roof of my eagle hide.

One of the summer's photo project has been to document how a young golden eagle evolved over a few weeks before leaving the nest. The photographing was conducted in close consultation with experts at the Golden Eagle in Västerbotten and was not initiated until the young bird had grown up considerably in order not to endanger the nesting result. The youngster is mostly alone in the nest and the parents show up about once a day to leave food.
By now the nesting is completed. It has been interesting to follow the Golden eagle youngster growing up; it has now left the nest and already become sure of wings in its new element: airspace.


Eventually the whole prey is left to the youngster because it should learn to cut by itself. A recurring prey during the month of July has been viper. The parents has flown in with  snakes without head but still freshly caught ,death spasms have continued for a long while in the nest. Viper seems to be food that is easy for the young bird to handle and quickly swallow. Picture: The female coming in with Viper.

Please click for bigger picture.

Female flying over the nest when the juvenil begs  for food.

Ready to leave their little nest for a bigger world.

Black grouse late april.

Black grouse from early april.

Red fox photographed from the eagle hide yesterday.

The Boreal owl moved in today in its favorite tree. It just sat there when I passed this afternoon.

Golden eagle photographed  from the close-up settings  from our eagle hide, this pictures from February. Are you interested in pictures of eagles? Here you have the possibilitys for both portraits and eagles in the landscape. Welcome.

Golden eagle and Raven the time of the winter solstice.

Golden eagle with the White mountains in the background; a picture from the time of the winter solstice.

 Golden eagle a picture from the time of the winter solstice. 

The new photoseason has started with succesful reflection pictures of Golden eagles and other birds and good pictures of eagles in the landscape as well. Looking forward to a lot of beautiful photos during the Golden eagle season until the end of March 

Now I have paddled ca 70km on two different water ways. In the smaller river -which had a lonely and beautiful running- there was “ relics” (old logs) from the log-driving epoch so I had to drag the canoe here and there. I have come close to birds and animals like for example several beavers, moose, whopper swans, goldeneyes and wild ducks

Curious moose from the canoe

Whooper swan and full moon in the middle of the Nordic early summer night.

The new floating hide works very well. A large number of whooper swans are around right now and this morning I even got mating pictures.  At nighttime with a clear sky the stars are reflecting beautifully in the water.

A picture from last week. March, April and October are my favorit months for successful close-ups of Golden eagles.

Golden eagle

Dancers in the snow.

From the eagle hide .

Golden eagle Close-up, a February portrait.

Golden eagle and Magpie.

One eyed Sea eagle

A picture of a Siberian jay photographed this evening at the White Mountains Nature Reserve in northern Sweden. The evening's last light of the sun appears on the bird's wings.

It looks great around the ospreys this summer and I’ll be photographing from late july through early august. A falcon pair is also nesting in the vicinity so it’ll be a possibility to get pictures of them both.

Before photographing the osprey and falcon it is very important to prepare the right way so you
don’t disturb their nesting. It’ll be just before the youngsters learn how to fly.

 I will follow the photographer to the hide and then leave, after that the birds will return straight away. Interested?

This picture is from last summer.



The beaver  warning and splashing the water.

White Mountains autumn.

A picture photographed from my eagle hide in November last season.
Yesterday I heard the Black Woodpecker around my eagle hide. I hope this season will be as god as last, when we had the woodpecker visiting the whole season.