Photograph the Red Squirrel

Photograph the charismatic red squirrel at the new reflection pool and jumping between two perches. Wildlife photographer Dani Connor (@DaniConnorWild) leads the workshops and will help you get the best photos. She has followed the squirrels since last winter and will give tips on photographing the squirrels, the best set up to use and how to process the images. Bird species such as bullfinch, siskin, great tit, blue tit also visit daily. The squirrels are encouraged to sit in front of the shallow reflection pool and jump between the perches with sunflower seeds and peanuts. Squirrels are wild and free. IIf you are interested in learning how to use a camera trap to photograph the squirrels, this can also be included at no extra cost.

Photographers will arrive to the house the day before the first photoday. After dinner, we will discuss the schedule for the weekend. Each day we will focus on a different technique including camera trapping, the jump set up or reflection pool. What we focus on will be dependent on weather conditions as for example the reflection pool is best when there is overcast light and very little wind. In the evening we will discuss how to edit the photos in Lightroom as wel as social media strategy and engagement if this interests you. At this time of the year it is also possible to photograph the northern lights. Guests leave Sunday evening.

Option 1: 2990 Skr for each person for one day. This includes accommodation, transportation from the house to the hide, hide rental and all meals. If a single room is required, there is an extra fee of 500 Skr/person and night. Accommodation after the last photo day including breakfast is provided for a cost of SEK 550 / person. Departure after breakfast.

Option 2: 2490 Skr for each person and day if you prefer to prepare your meals in our fully equipped kitchen. A small shop is within walking distance. Everything else as Option 1.