Capercaille courtingground

Rent a photo hide and experience the Capercaillie courting ground close up!
Be witness to a very unique countryside experience in the wilderness of Västerbotten.


Among other animals you may also find: Moose, Roe Deer, Bear, Beaver, Golden- and White-tailed Eagle, Goshawk, Woodpeckers including the Grey-headed Woodpecker, Siberian Jay, Owls and much more

Hideouts: Transportable hide 2X2 m

Transport: Transport from and to Skellefteå airport or Bastuträsk railway station can be arranged.


Make a combination capercaillie in the morning and golden eagles  later in the day. 


No earlier experiences are required.

Guiding to the photo hideouts takes place in the evening, before the capercaillie cocks appear at night. After night in the early light of dawn the photographing starts.
We return later to our lodging to eat, rest and evaluate the night and morning.